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Are you interested in experiencing the fastest-growing healing modality in the world?

Pranic healing has been described as acupuncture without a needle. By removing energy blockages, we align with our body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. Pranic Healing is a safe, effective and powerful way to help bring harmony and balance to the physical body, which therefore positively impacts the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of our life.

The Different Forms of Healing

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Physical Healing

Are you struggling with reoccurring pains? Headaches and body aches?

In Pranic Healing our energy body mirrors the physical, and the physical mirrors the energy body.


Diseases appears first energetically and then physicalizes.


When we heal we help bring balance to the energy body, and then the physical body tends to mirror that change.

Meditation & Healing Nights
Reiki Therapy

Emotional Healing

Trauma, PSTD, stress, overwhelm, sensitives, learning challenges, excess anger emotions, sadness and grief can all be addressed energetically to lighten our emotional load.


It helps us see issues and our lives with a calmer, more peaceful perspective.

Meditation & Healing Nights
Happy Smile

Body Sculpting and Face Lift

Experience the magic of Pranic Body Sculpting and Face Lift!


Watch your wrinkles disappear and your tummy become slimmer.


This powerful system of healing addresses our physical aspects, but also provides healing for deeper emotional and psychical issues, addressing some of the underlying causes of aging and weight gain.

Meditation & Healing Nights
Meditating Together

Healing Children

Children can receive healing too! Help to balance children’s physical, emotional and learning challenges through energy!


ADHD, ADD and autism can all be addressed and helped through Pranic Healing.


It is safe, calming and strengthening, all while non-evasive and easy to help support children's normal development.

Meditation & Healing Nights
A Supportive Hug

Psychological Healing

Addictions, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts can be successfully addressed through Pranic Healing Psychotherapy.


This is a safe and effective way to help ourselves or loved ones move through the emotional and psychological limitations we face in our every day lives.

Meditation & Healing Nights
Enjoying the Cherry Blossom

Relationship Healing


Relationship healing is helping to harmonize the energy between two or more people.


Relationships create an energy onto themselves and can be successfully helped to harmonize and balance through Pranic Healing.


Parents, kids and partners, to your boss, colleagues and friends... help bring clarity and greater harmony to all the relationships in your life

Meditation & Healing Nights
Modern Living Room

Feng Shui

Help the energy flow properly in your home!


Utilize opportune directions for energies of prosperity, success, good relationships and vitality to flow through your office or home space.


Assure that certain key functions of your home are properly in-place and creating the life you want!

Meditation & Healing Nights
Couple Meditating on the Beach
Book a Healing

Book a Pranic Healing Session with a Certified Pranic Healer near you!

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Join us on the weekly Meditation & Healing Nights! Experience the power and blessings of the Meditation on Twin Hearts and receive healing.

These events are free, and donations are welcomed. Check out our calendar for latest updates.


The Basic Pranic Healing Workshop is an introductory course in Pranic Healing. It is an experiential workshop to discover one’s innate ability to heal. You will learn to heal confidently.

Click on the button below to learn more about how to register for the Basic Pranic Healing Workshop.

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