"I was suffering from severe lower back pain and could hardly get off the bed, and it was even difficult to go to medical doctor for treatment and X-ray. After learning Advanced Pranic Healing, I kept doing Self Healing for my own self. The amazing part was 3 days later, I could walk again without any pain on the lower back. It had saved me a lot of time and medical expenses for any other treatment and therapy."

Lim Chai Seong

"I had been suffering from chronic migraine, asthma and sinusitis for 45 years. When I learned Basic Pranic Healing, after merely a few healing sessions, with the help of regular Meditation on Twin Hearts, all the symptoms of migraine, asthma and sinusitis, that have been troubling me for 45 years, disappeared ever since! It was truly miraculous healing for me. I am sincerely thankful to Master Choa Kok Sui for bringing me to a fuller and healthier life."

Raji Letchumy

“I used to have many questions pertaining to God, and the thought of why human beings suffering from relationship, financial and emotions. I kept asking how we could overcome all this fate. I had been suffering from back pain, general weakness and low self-esteem for 5 years. When I came to know about Pranic Healing, and within 3 healing sessions, all my physical and emotional problems had been healed. The feeling was really amazing! I realized how Chakras work and their functions, which I had been searching for in some of the yoga books. Since then, I started to learn Basic Pranic Healing workshop until Arhatic Yoga, and my special gratitude to Arhatic Yoga for improving my confidence level, courage and clarity of mind, in both spirituality and material life.”


"I had been suffering from foot corn at the center of my left foot palm for nearly two months. The wound had swollen until I could not walk properly. I tried to use the foot corn plasters but could not help in the pain and swollen. Then I started to apply self-healing on the wound. After 3 times healing and in 2 weeks’ time, the foot corn dried up and dropped off like a hard seed, and it had fully recovered."

Joanne Chin

"My first healing for a child remains the most memorable one for me. I was visiting family in Penang, when my 3-year-old grandnephew injured his hands, palms and fingers, pulling and tugging on rusty chains he had found in the garden shed. An hour later, his palms and fingers were painfully bruised, swollen and red. He cried non-stop in the shower, refused to eat dinner, and kept saying, "Don't you all understand? It's so painful!" His parents and grandparents were distraught. I led him to my room, telling him that I was going to make it better. He sat down, sobbing quietly, while I did healing for pain relief. Barely ten minutes later, he gently touched my knee, smiled adorably, and said, 'You can stop now, grandma. No more pain! Really! Really!' The tears were still glistening on his eye lashes. He looked happily at his normal-looking palms and fingers. He called it magic. And for the rest of my holiday in Penang, he would ask for healing for any discomfort he had! What a wonderful gift we have in Pranic Healing!"

Jag Sidhu


"I used to get worried and uptight easily and very impatient. Through Pranic Healing and the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, I started to realize about the Inner-self, God and spirituality, which helps to slowly but surely make me a better person. I am really grateful to know about Master Choa Kok Sui and to be able to practice Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts."

Tan Swee Yong

“Anxiety and stress were the main problems that had overwhelmed me till I was blaming God for them. After attending Achieving Oneness and Arhatic Yoga workshops, I was able to understand the reason for me to undergo such issue and the solutions to overcome them. Now I am walking down the path of light and truly understand God.”



“My lifestyle condition had been leading me to the tendency of heart attack as I always felt empty and being worried. There was once through newspaper advertisement, I came to know about Meditation on Twin Hearts and Pranic Healing. When I learned Basic Pranic Healing until Arhatic Yoga workshops, I could feel that my body was totally relieved. The interesting part is I also found the solution of emptiness, through Achieving Oneness workshop. Gradually I become more positive and compassionate in solving all my life problems through different workshops in Pranic Healing. Thank you to Master Choa Kok Sui and with lots of gratitude.”

Wendy Phang

Before learning Pranic Healing, I was undergoing depression, financially unstable as well as having relationship and emotional problems with my family members. I used to get angry immediately and this had led to frequent headaches. When I started to practice Pranic Healing, and attended all the workshops in 8 months, all the problems had been solved. I also apply Pranic Healing to help my family members. I am very happy and proud to be a Pranic Healer as I am healthy and wealthy now. Thank you to Master Choa Kok Sui.


“It was really hard for me to do proper presentations as I was afraid to talk to people due to lack of confidence. After attending Pranic Psychotherapy, a real transformation happened. Nowadays, I can handle presentation pretty well and my confidence level has increased."



“I was a totally introverted person who refused to communicate with others. When I learned Arhatic Yoga workshop, I started to change my own personality, and I began to communicate with people and enjoy hanging out with people, or even strangers. My whole perspective of people’s behavior, the environment and the world has totally changed, and now I live a happy and easy life.”

Jeyin Loon


"I was lost and suffering from severe depression. Without knowing my own mission and life purpose, or what I am supposed to do on earth, I was afraid to face the future and life. The worst scenario happened when I became totally bankrupt. When I learned Arhatic Yoga and practice diligently, I have transformed into a happy and healthy person, which is aligned with greater mission of my life aspects. In less than 2 years, with the help of Kriyashakti workshop, I was able to clear all the debts as my income increased more than 20 times. All other problems were settled eventually, and I even achieved what I wished for. Now I have a greater goal in helping people who are suffering like I did before."



“I was really concerned about the university education funds for both my son and daughter. After practicing Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga regularly, the funds flowed in just like that.
    There was once I was lifting a pail, suddenly I could not straighten my back and was feeling severe pain. X-ray showed that there was a bilateral spinal disc prolapse. Finally with the help of Pranic Healing, that health problem was totally resolved.”



"Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga have empowered me to a greater extent that I am able to be confident and courageous in handling any issues in life with Inner strength. Through Meditation on Twin Hearts, I could heal my gastric problem and emotional problems. Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga have given me all these truly amazing experiences which my Soul has been searching for all the while."

KR Pramila


"I am pleased to inform that through Pranic Healing, I have experienced so much benefits in my life. For example, my temper is well controlled. My habits have changed for the better. I have become more religious. My family relationship has improved tremendously. I have been blessed with better finances and improved health condition, especially my back pain get healed. I understand the needs to help the needy. I have more happiness in my life."

Dato M. Ratnam

“I used to not believe in God. Neither do I have faith in religions. There was once my life hit the rock bottom, so much stress and emotional challenges till undergoing depression. Achieving Oneness workshop is truly an eye-opener to spiritual world and helps me to find solutions to meaning of life. I learn to look into Inner-self and listen to the calling of the Soul. From that moment onwards, I gain back confidence and take charge of my own life, quit the job and has become a successful consultant. Now I am able to control my time and money, be passionate to share the abundance mentality with people around. I am truly grateful for such a wonderful gift from Pranic Healing.”

Vincent Wong


“Even though I have plenty of friends surrounding me, I was feeling lonely and depressed. Hence, I was searching for solutions to meaning of life and for the contentment. I did many spiritual courses and healing therapies but yet I was still not healed from the pain, depression and loneliness.
      After learning Basic Pranic Healing workshop and Meditation on Twin Hearts, it helped me to release sadness and I felt much happier, which led to Arhatic Yoga that helped me to understand my life purpose. Through purification, meditation and the teachings of Arhatic Yoga, I have changed internally and started to feel contented. My interpersonal relationship, emotional state as well as attitude towards life have changed to a positive state. With love and gratitude to Master Choa Kok Sui."


“I had been looking for a proper meditation all this while. After learning Basic Pranic Healing workshop, I found a great meditation which has transformed my life in a great spiritual way. Initially my mother-in-law was not convinced and did not allow me to practice meditation in the centre. However after I practice regular Soul Meditation for 2 weeks, she voluntarily sent me to centre for meditation and encouraged me to heal others as well. She has become the most lovable person! The environment in my house has become peaceful, happy, joyful and lovely.”