Stress Management

     "The workload is getting unbearable."

    "The staff in this department is not productive. It worries me."

    "Office politics affect our productivity. We need more harmony."

    Do you often feel this way in your workplace?


   When the atmosphere of a workplace is unpleasant, both the employers and employees are affected...

  • The staff might often be on medical leave due to stress,

  • Turnover of human resources is high,

  • The management feels tired coping with internal issues,

  • Some of the departments are under-performing,

  • Cash flow is affected by poor debt collection, etc.

    This scenario reflects that the aura and chakras of the staff are literally cloudy. It leads to creation of chaos and hectic in daily work. In terms of energy enhancement for better work efficiency, we would recommend:


 Level 1: Practising Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly.

  • To bless Mother Earth and the company with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill.

  • In long run, it helps to reduce stress and emotional friction among co-workers.

  • To increase physical well-being and inner strength, and enhance clarity of mind.

 Level 2Stress Management workshop (4 hours).

  • To learn about the Energy Body, Chakras and their effects on daily life.

  • How to increase one's energy level for better concentration and a sharper mind.

  • Simple guided Meditation on Twin Hearts (inclusive of meditation CD).​

 Level 3: To perform Business Healing sessions for Entrepreneurs, Managerial and Corporate Leaders.

  • Engage experienced Paid Healers to apply Pranic Healing treatment, in order to remove certain undesirable energy, related to financial stress and self-limiting beliefs.

  • To improve clarity of mind and efficiency in decision-making.

Level 4: Basic Pranic Healing and Spiritual Business Management workshops (2 days + 1 day).

  • To develop a revolutionary approach to successful management of your life and business by using Esoteric Laws.

  • Practical and well-structured workshops.

  • To enhance the realization of plans and projects, and overall implementation of labor relations.

  • To bridge the gap between management and the workforce, to enhance mutual respect, and to develop a stronger relationship.

  • To create a positive organizational environment, increased productivity and good returns on investments.

  • To develop a sharp mind and capacity to make accurate decisions, especially in handling critical business situations.

  • To have effective time management.

     If you wish to reduce the stress level and improve the efficiency in your workplace, feel free to contact us for an energy consultation. Together, let us build a harmonious workplace.