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  In different stages of life, one may experience multiple challenges in terms of Health, Relationships, Financial problems and the search for a life purpose. In Pranic Healing, you will learn how to handle these problems with the aid of the practical application of Prana (life energy).

  • When one falls sick, we can cleanse the diseased energy and energize the patient with prana to accelerate the healing process.

  • When one feels negative emotions in relationships, or psychologically imbalanced, we can cleanse the negative energy and induce inner peace in the patient.

  • When one undergoes financial crises, we can assist the patient to release such stress and depression, to regain clarity of mind, so as to take action to improve his financial status progressively.

  • Some may even feel emptiness or loneliness in life, as if searching for a life purpose. With the proper guidance in Pranic Healing, one is able to identify it and reconnect with the higher soul, or the true-self, to achieve self-realization.

    It is important to strike a balance in all these four areas. Let's take the first step to experience these benefits in the weekly Pranic Healing Clinic, with these activities:

  1. Introductory Talk & various topics on Life Energy (30 min),

  2. Meditation on Twin Hearts (30 min),

  3. Energy Healing for physical ailments & psychological problems (20 min),

  4. Energy consultation by the experienced healers.


    It is open to the public and all Pranic Healers. Please bring your family and friends. Through Pranic Healing, we hope you find the way to gain clarity of mind and the consciousness you need to live a successful and balanced life, like many other Pranic Healers who have gone through the same.

Pranic Healing Clinic

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