Pranic Healing is a no-touch and no-drug energy therapy. It is effective in dealing with various physical ailments and psychological problems. By treating the aura and chakras of a patient, without any physical contact, the energy body of the patient is healed. This leads to a partial or even complete cure of the physical body.​

    However, healing is progressive. Some patients are relatively ill and unable to get healed with merely one or two Pranic Healing treatments. A series of healing sessions can produce more reliable and lasting results. Depending on how critical the ailment is, a patient is recommended to undergo at least 5 to 10 healing sessions.


   Based on our experience, a patient is more receptive and co-operative in producing the optimum healing result when a minimal fee is imposed. Hence, Paid Healing sessions are provided to ensure continuous monitoring of the healing process. The Paid Healer will consult and discuss the progress with the patient from time to time.


     Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it. The emphasis of orthodox medicine is to treat the physical body, whereas in Pranic Healing, the emphasis is on the energy body. Best results are obtained and the healing process is accelerated when both are treated.


    For those patients with difficulties in travelling and receiving Pranic Healing treatments in the Centre, we might recommend Distant Healing. Since the energy body is being treated, Distant Healing can produce a similar healing result, as if the patient is right in front of the healer. Nevertheless, mutual trust between the patient and the paid healer always works best.

     In general, Paid Healing sessions can be categorized into:-

  •  Category A: Gastrointestinal ulcer, hypertension, diabetes, back pain, psychotherapy, etc.

  • Category B: Stroke, cancer, tumour, depression, relationship problems, etc...


   Feel free to chat with us! Let our experienced Pranic Healing team walk you through the challenges of life. May you be blessed with inner forgiveness and inner healing.


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