A noble mission in conjunction with Earth Day

Heal Our Earth 2019

Earth Day is a global event where millions of people from various countries and all walks of life are taking part in it. It is a day to appreciate the planet we live on, and remind us of all the ways we can take care of it.

    Human beings are not the only specifies alive. We co-exist with many other species as well, mainly animals and plants. Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. Unfortunately, human beings have irrevocably upset the balance of nature and, as a result, the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction. Rapid extinction of species in our world today is the result of human activity.

     The unprecedented global destruction and rapid reduction of plant and wildlife populations are directly linked to causes driven by human activity: climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides to name a few. The impacts are far reaching.

   All living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the complex web of life. All lives are inter-connected. Hence, we need to sustain the balance. Likewise, trees are crucial part of our eco-system. Without trees, the earth would become a polluted wasteland; some of those trees could be home to small animals, and that we need trees to create oxygen for us to survive.

    Besides, trees are also the source of life force or Prana or chi. They store chi from the sun, air and ground. They have excess chi or prana, which can be used by human beings to revitalize.

    With that in mind, Pranic Healing Foundation of Malaysia has embarked on a mission to inculcate a culture of continuously sustaining balance on Mother Earth at all levels. The Heal Our Earth program is specifically designed to achieve our above mission.

       The objectives of the above event:-

  1. To educate on the importance of preserving nature and our role in it;

  2. To create awareness on the benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts, and how it helps to restore the balance of mother earth;

  3. To understand how energy affects the environment, and how to integrate this knowledge in our lifestyle.

   Pranic Healing Foundation of Malaysia was established in March 2015 and is affiliated to the World Pranic Healing Foundation, which is based in Manila. The Foundation’s objectives are:

  1. To promote good health, and to provide an alternative form of healing to alleviate human ailments and suffering through Pranic Healing techniques.

  2. To provide funds, and to conduct feeding programs for the poor and sectors of society who are in need.

  3. To organize, conduct and provide training programs, seminars and workshops, and to disseminate books, pamphlets and training materials relating to stress relief programs, and the attainment of inner peace and harmony.


April 21, 2019 (Sunday)


10am - 1pm


9am - 10am


THE KUALA LUMPUR & SELANGOR CHINESE ASSEMBLY HALL (KLSCAH), Jalan Maharajalela, Kampung Attap, 50150 Kuala Lumpur (beside Maharajalela Monorail Station)


Open to Public. RM10 per ticket.


012-9742028 / 03-78871028

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Heal Our Earth 2019