Why should I attend the Basic Pranic Healing Workshop?

The concept of energy and energy techniques and how it affects our life is revealed. How you can change your destiny and reduce your sufferings with the help of Law of Karma and The Golden Rule is also shared.

Why should I attend the Advanced Pranic Healing Workshop?

You can learn how to activate and inhibit the chakra. The size of the chakra has a major impact on your health, emotions and prosperity. The chakra has color prana and each color prana has its own properties. You will also learn the properties of colors. Diseases like asthma, diabetes and arthritis, for which allopathy has no cure, may be substantially relieved through Pranic Healing.

Why should I attend the Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop?

Addictions (eg. smoking, drinking, drugs), severe anger, fear of various kinds, sadness, conflicts in married life, can be cured partially and sometimes even completely with Pranic Psychotherapy. Learn to create an Energy Shield to protect yourself and your loved ones from negative energies and psychic attacks.

Why should I attend the Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul Workshop?

Learn the universal truths about Body, Mind & Soul. Who Am I? Why am I born here? Can I change my destiny? Where and how my destiny is encoded? These are questions that will be answered in this workshop. You could also learn about the three aspects of God (Divine Love, Light and Power), its meaning and much more.

Why should I attend the Arhatic Yoga Workshop?

Arhatic Yoga helps you to add spirituality to daily life, which is helpful in improving all aspects of life. As Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned, “People on the spiritual path are not anemic. They must be sharp, strong, and courageous. Being Spiritual means being powerful, dynamic and intelligent.” Learn what to pray for, how to pray to God. Learn four amazing and powerful meditations. Learn how to awaken Kundalini Energy safely and how to avoid Kundalini Syndrome. Learn about Character Building and much more.

Why should I sign up for all 5 workshops?

Each workshop focuses on different ways of improving specific aspects of your life. Together, these workshops can lead you to a wholesome life. The courses are a step-by-step ladder for wholesome and complete self-development. As your knowledge increases, you learn advanced techniques; your understanding of Life becomes deeper and better. You definitely get some techniques to overcome the personal challenges in your life. You are better equipped to handle your life. You will be in the same group for 6 months, and group learning is more helpful. There is a group bonding, helping each other in practicing the techniques.

What if I do not get any benefit after the Basic Pranic Healing Workshop?

We understand your pain and that is why we are here with you today. The power of Pranic Healing courses is in its Application. Merely attending the courses is not enough. It requires daily practice to benefit fully. To ensure you apply the techniques and practice, we will have numerous Nurturing Sessions. In a group, the instructor will nurture you, and we will do our best to ensure that you benefit from the teachings.



I learned Basic Pranic Healing but did not continue as I could not find a group or like-minded people in my area.

We understand the situation as we have also been through something similar. For this reason we have numerous Nurturing Sessions from time to time, where you may meet like-minded people and connect with the group. You may develop some friends with whom you would be inspired to practice regularly.

Is there any weekday workshop for Basic/Advanced/Psychotherapy courses?

Weekday workshops can be specially arranged for groups consisting of a minimum of 10 people. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

I am an older person so can I heal myself? I may not be able to heal even if I learn the class.

You may request a complimentary healing session. Paid healing sessions are taken up by Pranic Healers and the Pranic Healing Centre at an affordable fee. You may encourage your family members to learn the healing technique in order to help you heal your illness.

I am suffering from chronic/semi-chronic ailments. How long will it take to be completely healed? Will I be permanently cured?

The complete cure of chronic ailments needs a holistic approach. Pranic Healing may complement lifestyle changes and the medical system. Pranic Healing needs to be applied regularly and consistently for at least a month to get some idea of progress and relief.

Who is available in case of emergency/help regarding protocols?

We have a Centre Manager, authorised instructors and experienced Pranic Healers to help you. We also make use of social media, eg. Whatsapp, to inform the group chatroom just in case any patient needs group healing.

Should we ask cancer patients to join Pranic Healing?

Someone suffering from cancer needs a number of healing sessions per day. It is a good idea for him to understand the techniques of Pranic Healing so he can be more receptive to healing. It is beneficial if the family members can learn and help to heal him.



How to balance work/business & family life?

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple yet extremely potent technique of flushing out negative energies (thoughts), and makes your aura substantially cleaner and more balanced. Your stress levels reduce greatly and the mind becomes clearer, sharper and more solution-oriented. You may understand the importance of prioritizing your time and spending quality time with your family. It makes everyone feel loved. This can be achieved by scheduling your time for work and family, and giving both areas the best of your energy.

How will Pranic Healing help in healing a relationship?

  • By doing Meditation on Twin Hearts, our heart chakra opens, thus making us more loving, understanding and compassionate to other people.

  • By doing Pranic Breathing, we become less stressed and can focus more on nurturing the relationship, rather than finding faults and mistakes of the other person.

  • By doing the Forgiveness Prayer, we learn to let go and neutralize the negative karma we have created in the past.

  • By applying the Law of Karma, we have the power to create our destiny, plant the seeds that we want to harvest in the future, and generate good karma.

  • If a relationship is affected due to financial problems, tithing helps us create good karma. It gives us a solution to overcome financial crises, thus leading to a prosperous life and a good relationship.

  • For kids who are hyperactive, and needs more focus and concentration, we have Superbrain Yoga. This helps them transmute the excess energy, so that it can be used in more productive ways by the upper chakras, as well as activating their brain cells.

  • For teenagers, we use the technique of Transmutation of Sex Energy that helps the upper chakras to be fed with the energy of the lower chakras.

  • For improving the relationship with a spouse, in-laws, relatives, friends, relationship healing may be applied. Practicing Pranic Psychotherapy as well as Meditation on Twin Hearts, inner forgiveness, helps in enhancing and healing the relationship. Instead of fighting with the spouse who comes home late, we may apply psychotherapy techniques to reduce the stress level.

How long will it take to heal relationships?

As our aura and chakras become cleaner, bigger, and more balanced, there will be more Divine Energy coming to our system. The way we perceive things will gradually change. Our reactions to people and situations will also change for the better. Our relationships will then start to heal.

How is past-life karma affecting our relationships in this life?

What we sow is what we reap. Our present circumstances are a result of our deeds in the past, maybe in this lifetime or some other lifetime.

If I am facing a relationship problem, should I heal myself or the other person with whom I am having a problem?

Ideally both persons going through the relationship problem need healing.

Why forgive if the other person has wronged me?

The only way to get disentangled from the energy of anger and hatred towards anyone, is through the technique of forgiveness. Or else the two people are connected till the time the lesson of forgiveness is learnt by any one or both.

When can we learn relationship healing?

Techniques for Relationship Healing are given in the Pranic Psychotherapy workshop.

Does it solve the root of the problem?

Building good relationships is an ongoing and continuous process. It is important to have the willingness of both people involved – the will to try and mend the relationship. Forgiveness is a key factor. The healing techniques help tremendously to replace undesirable energy with loving harmony between both parties. Pranic Psychotherapy removes the crippling emotions, and helps in beginning the process of developing a beautiful relationship.

How to get over break-ups, divorce and separation?

Techniques to heal sadness, depression or difficult relationships are given in Pranic Psychotherapy. The reason why certain people face such situations may be answered in the Achieving Oneness workshop. Tremendous healing takes place during this workshop.

How does Pranic Healing help my family members and the environment?

Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned, “As you develop, the people around you develop. As you progress, the world progresses with you to a certain degree.” When we begin meditating regularly, the energy we radiate helps in purifying the energy of the home as well as the workplace.



I have a spiritual Guru, can I join Pranic Healing? If I join Pranic Healing, will I be required to change the spiritual guru?

You may join Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga even if you already have a Spiritual Guru. "Gu" means darkness, "ru" means one who dispels. Guru is a person who dispels darkness. So whoever brings light in your life, we need to feel gratitude for that being. It is not compulsory to have only one Guru and you are free to pray to all Gurus.

  Master Choa Kok Sui is recognized as the Guru who has taught us the techniques of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga to help alleviate sufferings and pain, for which we have gratitude, respect and love for him as well.

How is Pranic Healing being different from other schools?

 Pranic Healing Training Centre gives elaborate knowledge of Energy and various energy healing techniques which are simple to implement. Apart from other priceless teachings, you also learn the secret of Law of Karma. You learn how to use or apply this Divine Law to improve your life and get what you aspire for. Pranic Healing Traning Centre helps you to improve all aspects of life, in terms of physical health, relationships & emotional well being, mental intelligence and spirituality, for yourself and your loved ones.


I don’t believe in God. Can I join Pranic Healing?

The Pranic Healing courses have a very scientific approach. Each one is encouraged to use his own discrimination or intelligent evaluation. The teachings, such as the concept of Energy body, its importance in physical life, the cause of diseases at energy level, healing of various ailments, including stress, anger, fear, etc, are all based on scientific reasoning.

  Even if you do not believe in God you can still learn the workshops so as to enhance your knowledge. As you progress with the courses, you may recognize and respect the all-pervasive Universal Energy, which some may term as "God".

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not just doing meditation. Spirituality is a way of life that conforms to the Divine Laws as well as Laws of Nature. Spirituality needs not be religion based nor connected with any rituals or special meditations. It is the path that helps all souls to enrich themselves by learning their unique lessons, moving forward and evolving. As Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned, “People on spiritual path are not anemic. They must be sharp, strong, and courageous. Being Spiritual means being powerful, Dynamic, and intelligent.”

Can we change our destiny or is it predetermined?

Destiny is predetermined and yet you still can change your destiny. You will learn how and where your destiny is encoded and with the correct information, you may discover there are ways we can direct our destiny in a particular path.

I did Basic Pranic Healing workshop, what was regarding Spirituality in it?

In Basic Pranic Healing, you learned the concept of Energy and Aura, which itself has spirituality in it. If your Aura is not clean, no matter how much chanting or meditation you do, the positive energy does not enter your Aura.

  Meditation on Twin Hearts, the deeper understanding of Law of Karma, the Virtues for Character Building, Spiritual Cord –– all these are about Spirituality and are given in Basic Pranic Healing.

Why do I need to do all courses after Basic Workshop and before Arhatic Yoga?

Just like going to school, we need to gradually and systematically move ahead before we are taught different, more difficult subjects. Arhatic Yoga gives us techniques to bring down potent spiritual energies.  The techniques to heal our physical body are taught in Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing. Our emotions are healed in Pranic Psychotherapy workshop meanwhile our understandings of how the Soul functions through our bodies is taught in Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop. To get a wholesome and well rounded approach for progress, we need to complete all the courses so that it ultimately physicalize as a balanced happy life in all aspects and spheres.

Will I get "Illumination" or "Moksha" by following your School?

Illumination is Oneness with the Higher Soul. The techniques are taught. It depends on the evolution of the soul, its entitlement and the diligence in our practices that we may be able to experience something, in one incarnation or more. You may experience Oneness, or get a glimpse of illumination, by following the teachings and techniques.

At what age should we get inclined towards spirituality? Why should we follow spirituality? What is the difference between spirituality and religion? Have you seen God?

Spirituality is based on Universal Truths, that is the essence of all religions. Pranic Healing follows the Laws of Nature, which helps in accelerating the healing process of the body. To follow them, we are sure of the results. It helps us to realize the powers we hold within us and how to access them to achieve success in all aspects of life. It makes us aware of our true nature and the essence of the Universal Power, some may call God, within all. We realize that we are all made in the image of God.

  More importantly it brings lasting happiness and inner peace which eventually helps us to manifest our greatness. The sooner we flood our lives with spirituality, the easier it becomes to overcome bigger challenges in life.

What is the benefit of practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts to grow spirituality?

Meditation on Twin Hearts not only helps rapid and safe spiritual development, it also has a potent effect on the body, mind and soul. It is like taking a spiritual shower. It flushes out the stress energy in the Energy Body and helps to replace it with positive energy. With a clean Aura, the chances of attracting good luck is greatly enhanced.

How can spirituality help all the various facets of our life?

Spiritual energy is Divine in nature. This energy is extremely potent. When you know how to bring down Divine Energy and harness it in your life to achieve your goals in all aspects, it helps you to achieve success sooner.



Even though I am comfortable with my family, but I have lot of stress at work.

Pranic Psychotherapy will help you in removing stress. Also Meditation on Twin Hearts fills you with peace and love.

There is lot of competition in my business, I can see that other people are growing but not me.

Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned, "Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work. Reformulate your strategy. Work through the details.” Please practice Self-Healing, Meditation on Twin Hearts, tithing and the virtue of "Generosity and Non-Stealing" to help in your business growth.

I am doing business, but I have lot of bad debts.

Tithing 10% of your net income in the correct manner along with Law of Karma helps in reducing debts.

My employees are not happy with me, that gives me a lot of stress.

This may seem like a relationship issue, but it ultimately affects the productivity and ultimately the prosperity. You may encourage your employees to do Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly in office and workplace to make it relatively stress-free. Please do take care of your employees’ financial and emotional needs as well.

I have done some Pranic Healing Courses and also am using some techniques but still am not prosperous / struggling with finances.

You should check whether you are using the right techniques, doing meditations and what is the frequency of practice. You may also need to do the forgiveness prayer. Apart from Tithing bless your rivals or competitors in business, or your boss and colleagues at work.

I have done Kriyashakti but am still struggling with finances.

You should remember and apply the 5 Principles of Kriyashakti diligently. Please ensure that the techniques used are correctly done.

I am a good person, I do tithing and service regularly but still struggling with financial?

Please practice Self-Healing. Master Choa Kok Sui mentioned, “The condition of your chakra affects prosperity. Get Pranic Healing.” Psychotherapy treatment for anger, irritation, laziness, procrastination and harmonious relationship with family will help you as well.

I am doing good karma but I feel nothing is happening to me! What is the span of getting results for doing good Karma?

The Law of Karma is very fair. All seeds definitely bear fruit. However the time taken may vary due to many reasons. In case you wish to hasten the process of manifesting the good karma, simple yet powerful techniques are revealed in the Kriyashakti workshop.

How can I donate 10% of my income, when I am struggling to make ends meet?

The secret is to sow the seeds of prosperity despite having financial challenges. Donating money wisely, helps in creating entitlement for overflowing prosperity and abundance.

How do I control my increasing expenses in spite of my financial limitation or debts?

The principles and universal truths of success and prosperity are revealed in the Kriyashakti workshop. By following all the 5 principles we can be confident to attract growing prosperity in life.

Are all the Pranic Healers prosperous?

Practicing Pranic Healers who apply the teachings in their lives have definitely experienced improved conditions of prosperity and abundance, among many other manifold improvements in all areas of life. They have the tools to help solve different issues as and when life poses varied problems in areas of health, wealth, relationship etc.

I am struggling with money. How am I supposed to pay for the workshop fees?

There is an installment scheme available. Payment can be made in post-dated cheque. Please contact us for further information.