What is Pranic Healing?

"Pranic Healing is the sublime science of healing physical and psychological disorders by cleansing the prana (vital energy).

Pranic Healing has gained popularity as a highly effective no-touch, no-drug complementary therapy system that treats and purifies the prana to heal ailments and provide solutions for day-to-day problems.

Upcoming Events

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    Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul Workshop

    You are a Soul with a physical body, not a physical body with a Soul. ~ Master Choa Kok Sui ~

    Date: 14 & 15 May 2016 (9am-6pm) Venue: Kelana Jaya

    • Who Am I?
    • Where do I come from?
    • Where will you go after death?
    • What is the purpose of Incarnation on Earth?



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    Experiencing Being Program

    Miracles are fantastic events, which utilize hidden Laws of Nature. Miracles do not break the Laws of Nature; they are actually based on them. ~ Master Choa Kok Sui ~


    10 & 11 October 2015 | Open from 10am to 6pm | Open to Public. Complimentary

    Spend 2 Hours for:

    • Orientation Talk (About Energy Healing)
    • Guided Meditation
    • Energy Healing on:
      • Health
      • Relationship
      • Prosperity
      • Spirituality
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    Arhatic Yoga Workshop

    • Do you want to Achieve Higher Degree of Self Mastery?
    • Do you want to Increase Your Power of Manifestation?
    • Do you want to Increase Your Healing Power?



    5 & 6 December 2015 @ Kelana Jaya


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Experiencing Being Workshops

Everyone has different challenges in life. We can categorise them into 4 major aspects
Just spare any 2 hours in between 10am to 7pm to experience the followings (worth value of RM300)

  1. Free Preview
  2. Meditation on Twin Hearts
  3. Experience Energy Healing
  4. Free Consultation

Pranic Healing Workshops See 18 Workshops

  • Pranic-Healing-Workshops6

    Prosperity Series:

    Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals. Kriya$hakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially as well as spiritually.

    Additional features:
    • Kriyashakti
    • Pranic Feng Shui
    • Spiritual Business Management
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    Healing Series:

    Pranic Healing workshops are experiential. During class time, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and the techniques practiced exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.

    Additional features:
    • Basic Pranic Healing
    • Advanced Pranic Healing
    • Pranic Psychotherapy
    • Pranic Crystal Healing
    • Practical Psychic Self Defense
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    Spiritual Series:

    Additional features:
    • Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul
    • Arhatic Yoga
    • OM Mani Padme Hum
    • The Spiritual Essence of Man
    • Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer
    • Inner Teachings of Buddhism Revealed
    • Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed
    • Inner Teachings of Christianity Revealed
    • Higher Clairvoyance
    • SuperBrain Yoga
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Pranic Healing is not intended to replace Orthodox Medicine, rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor and a certified Pranic Healer.